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Concept Art & 3D Modelling

During my time at Bradley, I took a Game Art class, in which I was able to learn the basics of 3D modeling, and ultimately, overall how to create a game-ready asset for both the Unity and Unreal engines. Such skills that I learned and utilized in the various projects I worked on while in Game Art were: 
  • Using Adobe Photoshop to create concept art, and the stages associated with this process
  • Drafting different perspective views of the asset in question for conception, such as orthographic perspectives 
  • Learning how to use a variety of platforms/programs effectively in a minimal amount of time for asset creation
  • Using Maya & Blender to create 3D models for both initial and final design stages
  • Polishing and detailing models within Zbrush 
  • Re-topologize detailed models to lower poly-count for better in-game performance, and create UV maps for texturing
  • Use Substance painter or Photoshop to create textures, and apply them to the respective model 
  • Import finalized model and textures to game engine, such as Unity, Unreal, or Creation Kit
Listed below are some of the projects I worked on with these skills in mind. Check them out! 

Dragon Sword

For the final project of my Game Art class, I used the skills I had learned up to that point to create a game-ready asset, specifically either a "dragon-sword", or a "post-apocalypse sword". I was able to take whatever creative liberties I wished, so long as the final product matched this criteria. 
After creating the model and textures, I then learned how to implement my work into a weapon mod for "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim". The mod is free, so long as you own Skyrim and the Vortex mod manager. You can download the mod here

Ghost Shell

As a fan of the Destiny game series, I decided to enter an art contest for it prior to the release of the expansion "Beyond Light". 
Though I did not win the contest, I did get a large amount of praise from the Destiny community on my creation. 

Model Practice

In addition to the above two projects, I have created several other models and compositions through a variety of means as I continued learning the necessary tools. 
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