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Other Skills

In addition to game design, user interface design, and user experience oriented design, I have also had the opportunity to create a variety of projects, be them personal or school-related, and through a number of different mediums and methods. While these projects are more or less side projects and not my primary focus, they are still things I enjoy doing, and things I believe I continue to improve upon. 
Check out some of my other projects and skills below!

Pixel Art

Likened to the appearance of games from yesteryear, I have found an appreciation and enjoyment of working with pixel art, both on game design, and with personal projects. 

Digital Art

Though I am still learning, I have become familiar with drawing in general, and for various projects, drawing via a tablet with programs such as Adobe Photoshop, or Clip Studio Paint. 
image (8).png

Visual Design

Though I am mostly proficient in digital design, I have become familiar with more hands-on/traditional methods when it comes to visual design. 
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