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User Interface & Game Design

I have created user interface & experience mockups, designs, and assets for a variety of game projects, of which I worked on with fellow co-workers & students of varying other disciplines. I have worked with fellow UI/UX designers and designers of other disciplines, and have also worked as the sole UI/UX Design Lead on the team for certain projects. I have worked on areas of User Interface such as: 
  • Main Menu & Sub Menu Designs/Navigations
  • Options & How to Play menus 
  • Credits Menus 
  • In-game Shop & Customization Menus 
  • Player Heads Up Display (HUD) for a variety of perspectives, such as third person & first person
  • In-game tutorial, context, and dialogue prompts/messages 
  • Custom font libraries to be used for in-game text
Listed below is work I have done for Deep Silver Volition, as well as some of the games I had worked on with teams of other game design students during my time at Bradley University. Take a look! 

Saints Row (2022)

During my time with Volition, I served as a UX/Game Designer for Saints Row (2022). I started out working closely with the Mission Design team, and provided both User Experience documentation/feedback, as well as in-engine work on various aspects of development, such as bug fixes, changes to elements within certain missions, and overall mission structure.

Post-launch, I was a primary UX designer for DLC content, quality of life updates, and additional mission design.
I created several wireframes, mockups, and performed usability testing for multiple new missions and activities.


Box Hunter

Box Hunter is a short first person shooter/horde mode demo game I created in Unreal Engine 5 while working for Volition, as the studio began to transition from the proprietary engine to UE5 for potential future projects. 

I created the menu systems, tutorial sequence, artwork, AI behavior, and all of the gameplay for this project as a completely solo endeavor after only a few weeks of UE5 training. 


Friendly Fire 

Friendly Fire is a 3D, third-person perspective Platforming Adventure, in which you play a little fire sprite named Wick on an adventure within a large house.
I served as the Lead UI/UX Designer for this project and created most of the interface you see, however I also served as a concept artist, programmer, and level designer throughout the course of the project. 

Neon Oblivion

Neon Oblivion is a 3D, first-person perspective platforming puzzle game, that combines a medieval fantasy setting with a vaporwave/synthwave/retro 80's aesthetic. 
I worked as the sole Lead UI/UX Designer among a large team of programmers, designers, and artists. In addition to the interface, I also undertook organizing playtest sessions with a variety of playtesters, in order to ensure a user-centered design approach. 


Untouchable is a 3D, first-person perspective platforming endless-runner game, in which you (the player) rotate the environment before you as you go. 
I worked as the UI/UX Designer, as well as a VFX artist, and programmer for this project. This project differs from the others in that it serves as a gameplay prototype, and as such was given much less time to be worked on for the class deadline. 

Behemoth Break

Behemoth Break is a 2D, side-scrolling platforming/breakout-inspired game, in which a wizard must protect houses from a ruthless dragon lurking below his very feet. 
For this game, I served as the game's UI/UX Designer as well as artist, as there were only three people on this project, myself included. The game features a one player or two player mode, the latter of which allows one player to be the wizard, and the other, the dragon. 
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