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User Experience & User Research

In addition to user creating UI for some of the game projects I worked on, I also have experience creating designs for a plethora of web-based and mobile platforms for a variety of clients. Integral to this process was factoring in user research and user experience, which was done through a number of methods: 
  • Undertake necessary research for the platform/product, and the respective users
  • Create personas to establish a user demographic and focus on user frustrations/desires 
  • Design user flows & journey maps to outline the user process
  • Create and present information architectures to showcase platform navigation & flow 
  • Organize and lead in user testing sessions in order to pinpoint user frustrations and desires
  • Draft wireframes and low-to-high fidelity level compositions/assets based on user feedback 
You can view my process on user-centered design for some of the clients I have worked for below!
OSF Jump Simulation

OSF Jump Simulation

During the summer of 2019, I interned at OSF Jump Simulation in Peoria, IL, as a UI/UX designer. A subsidiary of OSF Healthcare, Jump Simulation works to utilize new technologies and platforms to improve patient-provider care, create medical training simulations, and much more. 
I worked with a team of two other interns (pictured) to create a prototype platform for improved patient-provider communication. My time working on the project was extended past the internship, and the prototype we created was green-lit for further development.  
Caterpillar Usability Testing

Caterpillar Usability 

For a class project, I and fellow UI/UX students were tasked with re-designing and re-implementing the employee log-in process for Caterpillar Inc.'s employee dashboard application.
We were split into teams, and each team was tasked with re-designing both the mobile and desktop variants of the first-time employee log-in. 
Phoenix Community Development Services

Phoenix Community Development Services

Located in Peoria, IL, Phoenix Community Development Services (formerly known as the South Side Offices of Concern) is a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding the impoverished population of Peoria.
During the Fall semester of 2018, I and fellow UI/UX Designers were tasked with creating new designs for the SSOC's main website for their rebranding. 
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