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Box Hunter

Box Hunter is a small demo I created in Unreal Engine 5 while still working at Volition. After the release of Saints Row and its DLC content, the studio began shifting over to working/training in UE5 with plans to begin work on varying different prototypes, of which started before the studio's abrupt closure.

After a series of week-long training sessions in-engine, myself and my former coworkers were tasked with making their own Box Hunter project, specific to their discipline within the span of a week. As my discipline at Volition was primarily UI/UX, I was to create a main and pause menu system only for my Box Hunter project. However, I misread the directions and ended up creating an entire level complete with enemy spawning, a countdown timer, and a secret invincibility pickup - all within one week amidst other work. 

I learned a lot about UE5 thanks to this project, which you can download and play
here. To pause the game at any time, press the "P" key. You can close the game via the "quit" button within the main or pause menus. Have fun!
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