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Friendly Fire

Welcome to Friendly Fire! This is a 3D platforming collectathon game that I and a team of eight others worked on over the Spring Semester of 2020, and are continuing to develop and polish now. 

As the team's lead UI/UX Designer and second of two artists, it was my job to create assets for menu buttons, level selection, font & game logos, as well as in-game UI such as the player's health icon, and item icons. 

In addition, I served as the team's concept artist, and created concepts for the game's enemies, objects, and items, of which some were implemented into the game by the team's 3D modeling artist. You can check out some of those concepts

This project was a lot of fun and hard work for each team member, myself included. The team and I plan to continue working on building it out and improving upon it in the hopes we can eventually see the game potentially on game-launching platforms, such as Steam, or the Epic Games Launcher. 

I sincerely hope you enjoy the game, which you can download and
play here. 

Have fun!

Friendly Fire Concept Art & UI

In addition to creating the UI for friendly fire, I also worked as a concept artist for characters, NPCs, and enemies, of which the team's 3D artist used to create said NPCs and enemies and incorporate them into the game. 

Friendly Fire UX Documentation

Though my efforts for Friendly Fire were largely spent on crafting the User Interface and concept art, I also undertook assisting with drafting playtest questions, creating moodboards, and crafting user flows for menu navigation. 
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