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Saints Row: DLC Menu

The above video is the final, functional result of the DLC Menu I designed for Saints Row, with final visual design and implementation performed by Volition's UI designers & engineers. As the game had already launched by the time of a need for an in-game DLC repository, I had to design a menu system that meshed in with Saints Row's existing UI assets, fonts, and layouts. 

Below is the UX Documentation and mockups I created to achieve this necessary goal. While there were several constraints to work around with the game being launched, I nevertheless arrived at a design that production and myself were satisfied with, and is one that blends in naturally with the existing interface and its structure.

DLC Menu Mockups

These series of mockups are the final iterations of a multitude of variants created in Figma. Each variant was shown to production and the UI team, and thereafter was changed to suit the necessary constraints and requirements for final, in-game implementation. 
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