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Saints Row (2022)

With Volition, I served as a UX Designer for a multitude of missions, interfaces, and gameplay aspects of Saints Row (2022). I initially worked on several of the base-game missions (including Wanted App missions and Side Missions) when I joined the project in 2021, and from there worked on primarily UX related design for DLC content, as well as for quality of life updates and Steam integration. 

In addition to the base game, I helped ship Saints Row's DLC releases, as well as provided support for Steam integration, in tandem with Steam/Epic crossplay implementation. 

Saints Row: Main Menu DLC Content

One of the largest contributions I made when working on Saints Row was design work for the DLC menu. Though DLC was planned from the very beginning, by the time I joined the project, there was no in-game presence for DLC content. I saw to making sure that there was. 

Saints Row: The Heist & the Hazardous

Heist & the Hazardous was the first major additional content release for Saints Row, which I worked on as both Mission Designer, and UX Designer. This DLC pack underwent several changes in development before its final iteration was decided on, and thus required rigorous usability testing undertaken by myself, and several of the mission designers as we created each mission.

Saints Row: A Song of Ice & Dust

The last major DLC pack, A Song of Ice & Dust, implemented a host of new missions, activities, and systems that required extensive usability testing and UX design. The addition of new weapons and their individual quirks proved to be one of the more challenging (but fun) aspects of providing UX Design, ensuring the players were introduced to such new content in a seamless, but pragmatic approach.
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