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Saints Row: A Song of Ice & Dust

The third and final major DLC release for Saints Row (2022), "A Song of Ice & Dust" expands upon the LARP elements introduced in the base game. At this point in development, I was primarily on the UX side of things for design & iteration, and as such it was my job to make sure conveyance for newly introduced activities & weapons was properly concepted and implemented. 

Banhammer Introduction Tutorial

One of the more stand-out weapons introduced with this pack was the Banhammer, which in addition to functioning as a standard melee weapon, could be thrown at enemies and be returned to the player's hand, not unlike Thor's hammer. 

As the Banhammer was to be introduced in a mission specific to its acquisition, I made it a point with these mockups to allow gameplay to lead the teaching experience of the weapon's use. This meant little to no UI prompts, ultimately giving the player freedom to play with the new weapon and learn its mechanics organically. 

Dustfaire Games: Derby Introduction 

Similar to that of the "Kaijuice Wingsuit Challenge" introduced in the first DLC pack, the Dustfaire games featured a slew of new activities for the player to experience. One of these new experiences was the aptly titled "Dustfaire Derby". 

The mockup flows, while brief in sequence, proved instrumental in the overall structure of introducing this new activity to players.  

Frostlander Grenade: Accessibility Testing

With the introduction of new weapons to the third content pack, came the added challenge of making sure such new weapons adhered to the accessibility systems and settings established with the game's launch. 

One of these challenges came in the form of the Frost Grenade, which on detonation would do LARP damage to the player or enemies with a blast of blue paint. With these mockups, I ensured that varying colorblind and high contrast accessibility settings would keep the grenade and its explosion visible. 
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