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Diabolical Dungeons 

Diabolical Dungeons is a prototype game project that I worked on with a team of four other classmates: Programmer's Zach Seiple, Lachlan Duncan, and Level Designer Kyle Tucker. We only had about two weeks for each prototype project, and at the end of each one, teams would rotate to a new project with new team members. I served as the artist and 3D modeler for this project, creating everything from the player model and environment to particle systems and textures, such as the torch fire and floor tiles, as well as the animated health UI. 

To play Diabolical Dungeons: 
WASD for player movement. 
SHIFT key to dash. 
The core gameplay relies on teleportation; left-click on an object when the cursor over it is green, and right click to swap positions with the object. Use this mechanic to solve puzzles, destroy enemies (the green placeholder blocks), and reach the end of the level. The blue circle indicates your range, so tread carefully. To restart, press the R key. 
Have fun! 

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