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Neon Oblivion

Neon Oblivion is a first person, puzzle-based platforming experience that I and a team of 17 others worked on, all remotely, over the fall semester of 2020. Inspired by games such as "A Story About My Uncle" and "Gravitas", Neon Oblivion incorporates fast-paced, first person movement in tandem with environmental puzzle elements.
Built as a vertical gameplay slice (also known as a gameplay prototype), Neon Oblivion incorporates a medieval-fantasy setting blended with synthwave/vaporwave visual aesthetic for its overall design philosophy. 
For this project, I served as the team's lead UI/UX Designer, and undertook drafting wireframes & UI assets for all of the menus and player HUD elements, as well as documenting the necessary user experience collateral, such as personas, moodboards, and playtest sessions, of which some were recorded via zoom, and the results collated and summarized for the rest of the team to use during development, while addressing the user's frustrations and desires. 
You can play Neon Oblivion here. Have fun!

Neon Oblivion Concepts & UI

In addition to creating the UI for friendly fire, I also worked as a concept artist for characters, NPCs, and enemies, of which the team's 3D artist used to create said NPCs and enemies and incorporate them into the game. 

Neon Oblivion UX Documentation

Though my efforts for Friendly Fire were largely spent on crafting the User Interface and concept art, I also undertook assisting with drafting playtest questions, creating moodboards, and crafting user flows for menu navigation. 
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